Last Minute Gifts Ideas?

Buy a gift card from a small business this holiday season!


December 17, 2021

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December 17, 2021

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Are you procrastinating on your friends thoughtful holiday gifts? Have you waited all year to get something meaningful for your in-law's and now it feels like it might be too late? Well put your worries aside, downtown has you covered!

Support your favorite businesses downtown!

One of the best ways to give a meaningful gift to a loved one AND support your community is to buy a gift card from a local business! It gets harder and harder each year to read your family's minds, and why would you when they can purchase nearly anything they want with a few taps on a phone? The joy of giving is not what it used to be with sites like Amazon, Target and Best Buy dominating the Christmas season each year. This is why supporting local is the way to go!

Keep it local!

With so many wonderful shops, restaurants and entertainment blooming in New Port Richey, why not stop in and see what there is to offer? There is something for everyone in Downtown New Port Richey; beer lovers, health nuts, sun bathers, brunch goers, bike riders, coffee tasters - and everything in between. Give your local business the ultimate gift and share them with a friend!

Happy Holidays!

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