Vampire Penguin Changes Strategy

Vampire Penguin becomes 32° Shaved Snow.


March 12, 2022

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March 21, 2022

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Daniel Wilson was the first to open a business in the new Shops at Stonehaven in downtown New Port Richey.

Daniel Wilson from 32 Degrees, formerly known as Vampire Penguin.
Photo by Ella Cowen | Better Business Network

The Florida native moved from Pinellas to Pasco in 2009, and when he saw an opportunity to invest in the revitalization of downtown New Port Richey in 2020, he was ready.

Joining the franchise Vampire Penguin, Wilson learned the basics of operating a shaved snow business. Opening during the pandemic in June 2020, the business has enjoyed local support. With that foundation, Wilson has decided to leave the Vampire Penguin name and make one for himself.

Following his vision that allows him to have creative freedom and expand his menu, Wilson has left Vampire Penguin to create 32 Below. Now featuring hot food such as pretzels, hot dogs, and egg puff waffles, with additional drinks such as boba tea, frappes, and smoothies soon to follow. 32 Below is looking to build a new name for themselves with a broader focus and more offerings.

Wilson hopes to create a safe, fun place for young patrons to enjoy the downtown. His dream is to have 32 Below operate several locations locally and he is actively looking for investors interested in spreading the franchise.

By Elizabeth Cramton

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